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Q Vision LASIK and PRK Prices

LASIK Prices in Phoenix, AZ

We know how much you value transparency. That's why we don't use gimmicks such as "starting at $250", "as low as $299" or "$1000 off" to obscure your actual costs. We value transparency, too, so here are our real LASIK and PRK prices:

LASIK or PRK= $1495/eye


iDesign Custom Wavefront LASIK or PRK = $1995/eye


Unsurpassed Value with All-Inclusive Pricing:

  • FREE no-obligation initial consultation (book it online)

  • Preoperative Examination

  • Procedure on industry leading VISX Star S4 IR laser

  • One year postoperative care included

  • FREE medication kit ($155 value)

  • FREE enhancement procedures (within 1 year)

  • FREE extended duration punctal plugs if needed (aka "comfort plugs" - $200/eye elsewhere)

  • 1st class VIP care personally delivered by surgeon


No gimmicks. No hidden fees. Period.

  • No additional fee for preoperative exam

  • No per visit charge for postoperative care

  • No upsell from low-cost NIDEK laser to "the more advanced laser" (we always use VISX)

  • No lowball "$250" or "$299" prices that no one ever qualifies for

  • We take both cash and credit cards at this same low price.

  • No bait-and-switch: All patients qualify for above pricing with no additional fees for high prescriptions, farsightedness, astigmatism or anything else!


Why LASIK is a Great Investment in You!

Think about it for a moment. When you add up all the costs of frames, lenses, contacts, solutions and exams, you’re probably spending hundreds of dollars per year, and this drain on your bank account never ends...

Unless, of course, you have LASIK!

With LASIK, over time you’ll likely save thousands of dollars. And, the sooner you have it, the higher your potential lifetime savings. In this way, having LASIK is literally like putting money back INTO your pocket!

And, can you possibly imagine a more enjoyable way of saving money than seeing clearly again?

Now, you know why we say LASIK is better than FREE!

Two Reasons Why Cheap LASIK is NOT a Good Idea.

We readily agree that shopping for the lowest price on the latest technology is totally reasonable. And, we certainly invite you compare our prices to any other LASIK center in Phoenix. But, shopping purely for the absolute lowest price often means going with older technology, and older technology doesn’t produce as good of vision, and that is the main reason why we say that shopping for the lowest price is not such a smart idea.

Our second reason is that from a purely financial standpoint, when you cut through the clutter and make a true, apples-to-apples comparison on equal technology and follow-up care, the difference in LASIK prices between various centers is usually quite small, as every center has a good idea what the others are charging. Over the long-run, these tiny differences don’t matter much at all, because the real savings come when you achieve stable, crystal-clear vision that allows you to avoid the far higher and never ending expense of glasses and contacts.

Truly Affordable Financing Options

We know how much you would love to see clearly again and start the clock ticking on the potential lifetime of savings that LASIK offers over glasses and contacts, but we also know that not everyone has the funds to pay for LASIK straight up. That is why we are constantly negotiating with lenders to secure our patients the best possible financing rates.

When you come in for your free consultation, we'll show you all of your options and help you pick the one that best meets your needs. Monthly payments typically are in the range of $60 to $160 and we think you'll find the terms very attractive. Approval can be accomplished on site.

Now, you can use the money you are already spending on glasses and contacts for LASIK!


Now that you KNOW you can afford LASIK...

Schedule your FREE LASIK consult with Q Vision today.

Call 480.661.1600 (M-F 8-5) or book online now!


Do You Have a Flex Spending Account?

Use it on LASIK and Save As Much as 20-30%

Flexible spending accounts, also known as cafeteria plans, are employer-sponsored programs that allow employees to use pretax dollars to pay for LASIK or other healthcare expenses. Many people who have this benefit don't even know about it, so it's worth asking your company's HR department about the possibility. Depending on your tax bracket, your savings could be 20-30%, if not more, by the time you account for the fact that your FLEX money avoids Federal, State, Social Security and Medicare taxes!

All flexible spending plans require you to “opt-in” at a certain time of the year, and then your funds become available at a later date. With most plans you opt-in sometime in November or December, and your funds become available on January 1 of the next year. For details on your specific plan, you will need to contact your benefits administrator.

If you are thinking about using your flexible spending account for LASIK, it is important to first let us make sure you are a candidate, because if you set aside funds for LASIK and you're not a candidate, you could end up losing your money, unless you have some other healthcare expense to use it on.

Health savings accounts can also be used to pay for LASIK with pretax dollars. Since these are individual accounts, simply contact your financial institution to learn how to use account funds for LASIK.

We can help you use your FSA or HSA for LASIK.

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