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AMO Tecnis Multifocal Lens

A presbyopic lens that provides near and distance vision.

The AMO Tecnis multifocal lens is one of the new generation of lenses that provides near and distance vision. We like it because it produces a strong boost to the near vision, though the trade off is the potential for more glare at night or less crispness when compared to the Bausch and Lomb Crystalens AO.

One decision that we are often faced with is a choice between the Alcon Restor multifocal and the AMO Tecnis multifocal. We have patients who have achieved success with both lenses, but currently we have a slight bias toward the Tecnis lens, because the Tecnis is more forgiving in low light situations and we find that our Tecnis patients are generally just slightly happier with their vision.




Frequently Asked Questions About the AMO Technis Lens

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