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Cataract SurgeryStandard vs. Premium Lenses

There are two categories of lenses, standard and premium. The standard category contains the traditional monofocal IOL and the premium category contains two IOL types, bifocal and toric.

Standard Monofocal IOL

Key Benefit – Clear vision, but with glasses

Monofocal IOLs are the standard lenses that have been used for decades. Chances are if someone you know has had cataract surgery in the past, then that person has a monofocal lens. As the name implies, a monofocal lens is only in focus at one distance. For example, if your surgeon puts a monofocal lens in your eye so that distant objects are clear, then your up-close vision will be blurry unless you put on reading glasses. Or, if your lens is targeted so that your near vision is clear, then distant objects and driving will be blurry unless you are wearing glasses. Furthermore, monofocal lenses do not correct for a type of distortion known as astigmatism. If you have significant astigmatism, then your vision will be blurry at all distances, unless you are wearing glasses.

In other words, cataract surgery with a standard monofocal lens can provide you with clear vision, but you will still need to wear glasses.

Premium Bifocal IOL

Key Benefit – Clear vision with less dependence on glasses

The term bifocal IOL is actually a bit of a simplification. However, it is a convenient way of grouping together those IOLs that correct both near and distance vision. The benefit of a bifocal IOL is exciting - the high likelihood that you will significantly lessen or perhaps even eliminate your need for glasses, as your vision will be in focus over a much greatre range of distances.

Reducing your dependence on glasses can give you a tremendous sense of freedom and safety by allowing you to enjoy recreational activities without the annoyance of glasses and eliminating the worry of fumbling for your glasses in an emergency. Many patients tell us that they have dreamed of this type of freedom their whole lives. With a bifocal IOL, this dream is now a realistic possibility.

Premium Toric IOL

Key Benefit – Increased clarity via a reduction in distortion caused by astigmatism. Greater freedom from glasses.

Cataract surgery with a standard IOL will correct the blurriness caused by your cataract, but it will not correct for a type of distortion known as astigmatism. Therefore, if your eye has significant astigmatism, you will still need to wear glasses after surgery at all distances. 

Toric IOLs correct the blurriness caused by your cataract and they also correct astigmatism. The result is a higher quality of vision and less dependence on glasses. Your doctor will inform you if your eye has enough astigmatism to benefit from a toric IOL.

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